2015 Reflections and 2016 Aspirations

2015 was a successful year for me I would say overall. I finished my A-levels, which were the most awful two years but I got through it! I left college with a B in Media and a D in psychology, and also an A in AS Film. I started university in Leicester in September to study Media Production which was a HUGE thing for me to do. Moving away from home has helped me mature and I’ve made so many wonderful friends already, I’m excited to go back to Leicester to see them all again for second term. I’m thoroughly embracing my course, it’s a lot of work and it never stops, but I’m finally studying what I have always wanted to and I enjoy it!

In the summer I got my first paid job and I am still ridiculously proud of myself for doing so. It was great to be out there and talking to so many different types of people on a regular basis. I was ridiculously shy before working there so I am really happy that it brought me out of my shell and I feel much more confident now. I also turned eighteen just before I started working, which I guess in itself is quite a big thing!

I also started this blog in October. I haven’t yet found a set topic I’m going to always post about, but for now I’m just posting what I want when I feel like it, and I am so grateful for every single person who clicks on links from my Twitter and Facebook profiles and takes time to read and give me feedback on them. This year, I’m going to try and post more regularly and figure out what you would most like to see (let me know in the comments or contact me through social media!), and hopefully expand this blog further because I really enjoy putting thought & time into it.

Alex and I celebrated our one year anniversary together on Halloween. We had a lovely meal out at Pizza Express because I had never been before (I have no idea why, it was so good!) and I am excited for the year to come. We have also booked an apartment together in Leicester for our second year at university in September (AHH) which I am ridiculously happy and can’t wait for!


Something I’m wanting to do more and more recently is to start posting on my YouTube channel. On Twitter I have been following and speaking to other bloggers who do this and it seems like something I would really enjoy! These videos would mostly complement my blog posts, but it’s definitely something that will be challenging for me and I’m really looking forward to finally doing it.

I’ve also finally learnt that I am in control of my own life. If I don’t like something going on in my life, I can change it. I can make decisions that will make me happy now, not because it will make me happy in 5 years. If I want to have a night off from university work because I’m stressed over a deadline in two weeks, I’m allowed to: At the end of the day, I’ll be most productive and happy when I’m relaxed. 

2015-12-10 17.15.25

Oh, and I also got rid of my block fringe and I’m growing it out after months of debating!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2016.


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